The third World Art Games in Montenegro: 32 countries participate

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From 4 to 12 May, Montenegro is hosting the third World Art Games (WAG). The games gather 60 countries and they were held for the first time in Croatia (Zagreb, Vukovar, Ludbreg, Umag). In 2013, the WAG was symbolically opened on the day of Croatian accession to the European Union, whereas the second games were held last year in Bratislava (Slovakia), also an EU member state. The games in Montenegro will mark another step closer to the EU.

More than 60 artists from 32 countries applied to participate in the World Art Games. They will present about a hundred of works.

Participating countries: the USA, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, India, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Morocco, South Korea, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Albania, Ethiopia, Iran, Israel, Oman, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, China and the host – Montenegro.

This event is a proof of the Montenegrin openness to all peoples and nations and their various artistic expressions. The organisers are confident that the people will not miss a unique opportunity to get familiar with artistic activities from different continents. All artists will be connected by the same goal – creating a better world of peace and tolerance, which is the mission of organising such games.

The events will be held in Podgorica and Sutomore and they will include different artistic expressions such as exhibitions (paintings, drawings, photographs, graphics, sculpture, jewellery, ceramics), music and performing arts (concerts, DJ performances, dance and other performances), literature, film (documentary, short), architecture, exhibitions of children’s works from 14 countries, and other types of art.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro