The trains will stop: Massive strike of ŽPCG workers by the end of July

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Workers of Montenegro Railways ŽPCG are seeking their three late salaries, and they said they would hold a massive strike on July 25th, in order to get their requests met.

President of United syndicate of this company, Milan Usančević, spoke to MINA Business Agency and said that the workers held a strike of warning today, that was attended by Minister of Traffic and Maritime Affairs Ivan Brajović.

“Brajović can not meet the requests of workers because he is waiting on the re-balance of the budget. However, that will happen by the end of July, and the workers can not wait any longer, because they have three late salaries already”, Usančević.

He added that the workers expected that the institutions would meet their requests before today’s strike, that caused the trains to stop traffic for an hour between 12h and 13h.

“We expected that the institutions in charge would solve the problem, however we are still waiting”, Usančević.

According to him, the workers did not have a choice, so they had to hold a strike in order to demonstrate the significance of their problem.

“Trains were stopped in Podgorica, Ostrog and Virpazar. We apologize to the citizens, but we do hope that they understand our issue”, he said.

ŽPCG workers are supported by many syndicates and associations, both local and regional.

The workers are demanding the Contract on obligation of public transportation in train traffic include all the trains, and that the reimbursements are counted in agreed upon methodology. They ask that the resources for the next five years are provided.

ŽPCG employs 250 workers, and ended last year with a deficit of 1.6 million EUR, while in 2014 it had the deficit of 3.9 million EUR.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro