The URA left because of the election calculations

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The exit of the Civic Movement URA from the government is part of the election calculations and it could not affect the stability of Montenegro, said analyst Dusan Janjic.

The Civic Movement URA decided to leave the government of electoral confidence because of, as they said, drastic violation of the Agreement on free and fair elections. The URA has previously announced the move if the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) violates the Agreement on free and fair elections by voting in favor of the contract with the A2A and refusing to exchange media law.

Janjic believes it is good that some parties had accepted to be part of the Government, but that it was obvious that the interests of those parties and the most influential party, the DPS, are not the same.

“In the specific case, the interpretation of the URA is that the ruling coalition had breached the agreement regarding the energy contract with the A2A. Then we should probably investigate if there is a lobby of interest, given that the company, I have to say, is controversial, for its businesses both in Serbia and in Italy, ” said Janjic for Mina agency.

Janjic assumes that the URA calculated that it was better for them to exit now in order to improve their electoral chances. “And thus to, if need be, take off responsibility of themselves for what they did while they were in government.”

“I think that the electoral calculations already begun and that that was the main motive, beside the disagreement and the influence of some energy lobbies. In particular, the A2A causes a lot of controversy, there are plenty of opponents, and the companz itslef creates a political atmosphere regarding its projects, so I do not rule out that it was a combination of their calculations and reaction to pressure of energy lobbies, ” he said.

Janjic believes that now others would also calculate. “So it would not surprise me if others left, if they have realized that an united front is not an option.”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro