The world would feel it if the anarchy in Turkey had prevailed

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Muhamed Jusić, theologian of Islam and analyst of events in the Middle East and Balkan, believes that the worst was avoided during the crisis in Turkey – anarchy. It remains to be seen how will the situation stabilize and what consequences will the military coup have on the country.

“The worst case scenario would include civil fights, military, different security fractions. This was avoided. We can only guess the consequences that Turkey’s destabilization would have on the world. Whether you like Erdogan or not, no one would benefit from violent overthrow. The times are sensitive, and we learned in Iraq and Syria examples that not all change is good. It seems that Turkey will not follow in their steps, for now”, Jusić said for Pobjeda.

According to him, it is equally important to see how will the stabilization go on.

“Turkish military’s reputation has been tarnished. There are divides within the army. It is a matter of what will happen to those who took part in the coup, and whether the Government will punish just them or other enemies in the wider political context”, Jusić said.

He believes this represents a turning point for Turkish democracy.

“For democracy, only the will of people matters, not military opinions and estimates. Freedom of speech and media is a sensitive topic for Turkish democracy”, he said.

All the opposition parties were united in condemning the coup, so there will be no space for going against political opponents.

He said that it is hard to say who is behind the coup.

“We can only speculate for now and hope that the investigation is transparent. Whether they are just soldiers or supporters of Fetulah Gulen, it is hard to say. The officials claim that Gulen is at fault and they asked of US to extradite him”, Jusić said.

Commenting on earlier coups, he said that it used to be enough that the military send a note and it would happen.

“The army was not united in this. We have seen police function parallely. People going to the streets was the key factor. They listened to the orders. But the military did not know how to react facing people, so they were shooting in the air. Military used an old method, but the times have changed”, Jusić concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro