There are 330.000 Facebook accounts in Montenegro, but online marketing is not prevalent

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Facebook rules social networks in the region, but Instagram also holds a lot of value, said Milan Maglov, expert in community management. He spoke to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily about his experiences and said that people in Montenegro use social networks a lot, but companies here do not pay much attention to this form of advertising.

Maglov, online marketing expert from Belgrade, is famous for using social networks in his work, and he will try to share his knowledge with our citizens in one of the many lectures he organizes all over the region. He cooperated with many companies, such as Japan Tobacco International, Telenor, Maxi, Tempo, Adidas, Samsung, GSK, Vojvođanska banka, Aleva etc. He is followed by around 15.000 people on Facebook. He agreed to share his secrets with us.

He said that there are 330.000 Facebook accounts in Montenegro, 240.000 out of which are active every day.

“This is a big number compared to the whole population. This means that social networks are preferred in private communication. Smaller, medium and large business understand the importance of promoting in this way. Still, it is strange that some important companies in Montenegro do not pay much attention to this form of communication with consumers. The fact is, those who realize this first will have the biggest advantage”, Maglov said.

He said that promotion of services, products, events and individuals is getting more and more popular in the region.

“People in Montenegro are very active in social networks, still the promotion potential is underused. However, based on my lectures in Montenegro, I am certain this area will grow”, Maglov said.

The great thing about social networks is their transparency.

“For each of our paid advertisements we can see the statistics, how many people saw it, where they live, what age, gender are they, etc. I tested people’s reactions for years and I have my conclusions. It is difficult to read this in a book, because it changes all the time. Different courses and online literature can help”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro