There are 87 investigations in Budva cases

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Special State Prosecution has started financial investigations against 87 individuals and legal persons in investigations on malversations in Budva cases, it was confirmed to Pobjeda from this institution.

The Prosecution used the case of construction of a factory for desalinization of water on Zavala as a starting point. Due to the doubt that they have damaged the budget for 802.300 EUR, by the end of 2010 then-mayor Rajko Kuljaca, his vice mayor Dragan Marovic, representative Đorđe Pinjatic and ten more people were arrested. Company “Trejd junik” signed a plea bargain in the case of TQ Plaza.

According to the bargain, this company is due to return 19,5 million EUR to the Municipality. Miloš Marović is to pay 380.000 EUR due to the damages he has done in selling land in Prijevor. Lazar Radjenović has agreed to two years in prison and 30.000 EUR damages due to his complicity in three cases. Arrest of Marovića was left for the end, although his close colleague and party friend Rajko Kuljača named him as the head of the criminal organization.

Faced with accusations in cases of TQ Plaza, Jaz and Akva Park, Kuljaca decided to end his silence, learning from his experience in Zavala case, where he was sentenced to 5 years in prison illegally. In exchange for becoming witness cooperator, he admitted to being a part of criminal organization lead by Svetozar Marovic.

Former director of AMD Budva Igor Trnski, owner of the company ,,Trejd junik“ Mirko Latinovic and Marko Vujovic, Miloš Marovic’s godfather, became witness cooperators as well. They confirmed Kuljaca’s story, naming Marovic as the one in charge of all the business. Although he pleaded not guilty after his arrest, Marovic started negotiations on his plea bargain in March.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro