There are fears of overflow of incidents

The security situation in Montenegro is stable, but there are fears that any incident in the region can reflect on Montenegro, said Minister of Interior, Rasko Konjevic.

Asked about the position regarding the events in Kumanovo and whether there is room for concern in Montenegro, Konjevic said that since the beginning of the year they have intensive regional cooperation, regarding the common fight against terrorism.

Konjevic believes that this event shows that there are certain segments of society which want to cause instability in the region.

According to him, the situation in Montenegro is stable and it is the dominant jurisdiction of the National Security Agency.

Asked whether he has determined the responsibility in Security Center Podgorica after the use of explosives under the car of Milan Vujotic, he said that patience is required when it comes to replacements adding that the police director is to propose the setting of the police which he believes will give results in the future.

“Replacements in leadership positions themselves, cannot solve the problem. We have serious progress, and we ask the media not to make situation worse by writing things that are not accurate, influencing thus the course of the investigation”, Konjevic concluded.a

Izvor: RTV Montenegro