There are no fractions in SNP

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There is only one current in SNP, and that is the people we represent, said Srđan Milić in an interview to Dan Daily. This was his response when asked about Milić, Jonica and Damjanović fractions in negotiations with URA and Demos on post-elections alliances.

„I expect these conversations to be over shortly. SNP’s Steering Committee will reach a decision by August 31st, so that we can face the citizens with a message that our country will no longer be a personal ATM of privileged individuals in the leadership. Montenegro deserves socially responsible, honest, people’s leadership“, Milić said.

He did not want to directly answer a question about potential partners for elections.

„I know that DPS is nervous and afraid of synchronized opposition. As far as coalitions go, SNP’s Steering Committee will have a final word”, he said.

„DPS and their machinations offend the common sense and sense of honesty in Montenegrins. I am inviting people to resist the dirty money of DPS and to celebrate the real victory of Montenegro on October 17th, regardless of religious and national feelings. You will see that things can change very fast”, Milić said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro