There are no voters with double identity

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The persons for which the verification with AFIS system showed to have fingerprints matching with others, do not have a double identity, but the problem was caused by malfunctioning apparatus for taking fingerprints or by administration’s omission, regards Deputy Prime Minister Dusko Markovic.

In a reaction regarding the statement of Interior Minister, Goran Danilovic, which on Tuesday announced that the AFIS system checks showed that the voters list include 102 persons whose fingerprints are matched with others, Markovic said that it is not a surprise that Danilovic continuously gives statements on the electoral roll that confuse the public.

He reminded of Danilovic’s allegations that Montenegrin ID cards were not adequate and that they were unreliable. “Today no one speaks about it.”

Markovic said that the electoral roll was excellent and reliable.

He said that during the three months of work in the Ministry, he has been in position to provide verification of electoral roll through the newly arrived AFIS system.

“Then we found one double identity and 272 irregularities in taking electoral fingerprints,” Markovic told reporters.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro