There is always an argument more for NATO

Montenegro is no exception when it comes to countries where there are different views on accession to NATO, said the national coordinator for NATO Vesko Garcevic, adding that there is always at least one more argument for the membership.

Coordination Team for membership organized a working breakfast with reporters, where Garcevic presented the campaign.

He pointed out that none of the countries that are members of NATO have not left the alliance, “after 50 or 70 years of being in it.”

“If NATO is so bad and fascistoid ambience that restricts, then the countries with democracy as a legacy would certainly decide to come out freely, they would not stay there for 70 years”, he explained.

Garcevic said that this argument speaks best about the benefits of membership.

“It’s not the most perfect because there is no perfect model. Each model has its faults, shortcomings and challenges. But in the circumstances we live in today there is no better model and therefore we need to be part of that model”, he said.

Garcevic reminded that the Coordination team started the new aspect of the campaign in late February, but that its members have already been working on it much earlier.

The decision on membership in NATO, as he said, is also important for future generations.

The most visible part of the campaign will go through the media and will be formulated in a way to “approach different groups with different messages”.

Garcevic said that it is the first part of a campaign that is based on the values of interest to citizens, such as stability, security, employment opportunities and long-term prosperity of the country.

“These questions are all of great importance. These are the values that now make up the EU and NATO and values that are today also linked to solidarity”, said Garcevic.

He explained that this part of the campaign will last until May, after which, on the basis of the results of previos work, other forms of action will also be formulated.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro