There is progress, but concrete results missing

Montenegro has so far achieved good results in the negotiations with the EU, and reforms brought about by the process are already visible. However, concrete results in the fight against corruption and organized crime are missing, said the head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro Gore, Mitja Drobnic.

Drobnic said that the reforms in Montenegro, which are part of the process of negotiations with the EU are already visible. He notes that the goal of the negotiating process is that Montenegro fulfills all the conditions to become a member of the EU as soon as possible.

“The negotiation process involves the broadest reforms that must be made and regarding that Montenegro, within a broader process, is in a very good position. Much has already been done. In some areas some formal steps have been made, but these formal steps should be complemented with implementation of the law. A number of laws was passed, even the Constitution changed, which is a great achievement of politics, because the decision on the Constitution is adopted by a two thirds majority in parliament. Therefore, we can say that a lot has been done and that Montenegro is on the right track, “said Drobnic for Anatolia news agency.

Montenegro so far closed two chapters in the negotiations with the EU, and European officials named it the leader in the region when it comes to EU integration.

“The aim of the negotiations is to determine the conditions under which Montenegro would join the EU, although the negotiations themselves are a kind of reforms that Montenegro must do. And Montenegro achieved good results in the negotiations, data on the number of chapters opened are well known. So, 20 chapters have been opened and two closed. In the next period the difficult chapters which have conditions for opening are coming. We hope that Montenegro will be successful in that part as it was in the opening of chapters that did not necessitate conditions for the opening, “said Head of EU Delegation in Montenegro.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro