There is progress, corruption is the proces

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Montenegro has achieved a certain level of readiness to fight corruption, but this phenomenon is still prevalent in many areas and continues to be a serious problem of the country, it was assessed in the Progress Report for the year 2016.

The European Commission adopted today a package of extensions, which includes a report on Montenegro for this year.

As indicated, the parliamentary elections were conducted in accordance with significantly altered legal framework and in the overall participatory and transparent manner.

They recalled that Montenegro received an invitation to join NATO last year, which represents an important achievement.

Montenegro is moderately ready in the field of public administration reform

“Montenegro’s EU agenda is focused on reforms in the rule of law. The legal framework in this area is now largely completed, and institutions established. The whole system of the rule of law now needs to produce more results, particularly to strengthen the balance of results in the fight against corruption and organized crime ” is it said in the report.

As estimated, progress in the chapters concerning the rule of law, which can be demonstrated with tangible results in the fight against corruption and organized crime, will continue to determine the pace of the accession negotiations.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro