There may be riots on election night: A prompt response is ready!

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The current security situation is stable, but according to Police Directorate’s information there might be attempts to cause riots and possibly their escalation on the election night, Sunday 16 October. If that happens, the police will respond promptly and efficiently in line with their powers. The head of the Police Directorate Slavko Stojanovic said that after the collegium meeting.

The directorate stated that dynamics and activities for the purposes of prevention were discussed at the meeting, in order to maintain a stable security environment for the smooth running of the electoral process.

“I considered it important to emphasise in this respect the necessity of maintaining a stable public order and peace and lawful actions of police officers in order to protect citizens’ security, their property and constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms and to prevent and detect committing offenses, as well as to protect important facilities. When taking police activities, police officers will comply with the responsibilities and powers, in accordance with the code of police ethics and the preservation of professional and personal integrity. Also, I consider protecting police officers against possible attacks equally important and they will not be tolerated”, Stojanovic said.

After analysing the activities planned, the collegium concluded that police officers were ready to respond to all security challenges in order to protect public safety, which is a priority, and that the incidents that may be caused by any person or group will not be allowed.

The collegium was attended by the heads of police departments and units, the heads of border police regional centres, the commanders of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit and Special Police Unit and the head of Forensic Centre.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro