There will be no violence

Leader of ‘’Nova’’ and member of the Democratic Front (DF) Andrija Mandic said that DPS President and Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic knows that after the protest on September 27 nothing will be the same in Montenegro, and that there will not be any violence.

Mandic said that the opposition’s determination and intent “to change this sad state the citizens are in can not be stoped by anyone.”

Leader of ‘’Nova’’ also said that the struggle for freedom can not be stopped.

Commenting on the announced protests Prime Minister Djukanovic said at the Milocer forum that it was difficult to explain that someone who gained parliamentary status on democratic elections is leaving that position and trying to trigger changes in a non-institutional way.

“If someone wants to leave the institutions and form authority outside institutions, it means that he wants violence. No one will be allowed to act violently in Montenegro”, Djukanovic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro