There’s lot of women who can be president

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There is a lot of women who could be the president

Although the Democratic Front (DF) believes that a part of the opposition “draws” MANS Director Vanja Calovic as a joint candidate of the opposition for the president of Montenegro, the opposition which put forward a proposal for a woman to run for the presidency in the first place, say that they did not think of anyone especially.

The leader of the ‘’Ura’’ Party, Dritan Abazovic, who was the first to publicly say that it would be good for a candidate of the opposition to be a woman, says that he had no one in mind specifically, but that the woman’s candidacy would be a step forward.

“It is an emancipatory idea. We did not bid with names. There are many women in Montenegro who could take the role of the president, who are credible, recognized and civic oriented,” said Abazovic for daily ‘’Pobjeda’’.

Goran Danilovic, who was elected president of Demos at the extraordinary election assembly in Mojkovac, recently also suggested that it would be great for the opposition to have a female candidate for the president of Montenegro.

“I noticed then that it reached a boiling point on social networks and in the media. They are investigating where the proposal came from. Whom I had in mind? Who is the lady? Is it a contribution to the agreement of the opposition or breaking the intentions of others? Unbelievable. Only a few think that this is a correct proposal – worth of thinking! I have not ‘drawn’ anyone and I have not already made a favorite,” said Danilovic on Facebook.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro