There’s no giving up, Luksic and Jeremic to stay until the end

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It is very important that Igor Luksic and Vuk Jeremic remain in the contest until the end, not to withdraw but to continue to promote their countries, said political analyst Dusan Janjic while commenting the second round of voting for general secretary of the UN. He said that chances for win of any of the candidates from the region are very small.

„When Igor Luksic applied for this position we knew that we shouldn’t expect that he can win, but it is very important that he promotes Montenegro. At the same time, I don’t expect Vuk Jeremic can win either but this is important promotion of both these men and their countries and I think they should remain in the race until the end”, said Janjic.

„I think it’s still too early to say who will be elected. Of course that former Portuguese prime minister Antonio Guterres and minister of foreign affairs of Argentina Susana Malcorra have bigger chances, but there’s some sort of a political commitment for the candidate to be from Eastern Europe. To me is inexplainable how is Lajcak so low, and obviously it will all clear out once the system of vetos and conditioning of permanent members begin”, emphasized Janjic.

He explained that Irina Bokova was mentioned as one of the strongest candidates, but now Malcorra from Argentina has taken the lead and it remains to be seen what happens.

After the second round of voting, Antonio Guterres still has the biggest chances to succeed ban Ki-moon as the general secretary of the United Nations.

Montenegrin candidate Igor Luksic is on ninth place with two encouraging, nine negative and two “no opinion” votes.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro