These are the criminals who are denied entry to Montenegro

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Around 20 criminal individuals from the region were denied entry to Montenegro this tourist season, Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily writes. Further entry ban is in force for total of 79 criminals, mostly from Serbia and Republika Srpska.

Although it was predicted that summer months in Montenegrin coast could be marked with mafia blood feuds, it turned out that the summer predictions were deceptive. Percentage of criminal activities is three times lower than last year.

According to the first analysis, one of the main reasons is the ban of entry for 79 criminals, issued by Police Directorate on May 15th.

“Around 20 of them tried to enter Montenegro, but they were denied at the border. These are mostly people from Serbia and Republika Srpska that have police dossiers. Among them are leaders and members of so called Voždovac and Rakovica clans, criminal organization of Luka Bojović, groups from Niš, extreme football fans. They committed murders, murder attempts and other crime acts in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Loznica, Čačak and Užice, that may or may not be tied with criminal groups in Montenegro. Among them there are dangerous criminals from Pal, East Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Trebinje, Bileća, Foča…”, official from Police said to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily.

Who is on the list?

Ban of entry for foreigners with criminal background was issued by Crime Police Sector based on intelligence shared with colleagues from the region.

Unwanted tourists are some of the important names of Serbian underground and one citizen of Republika Srpska, who was murdered in the meantime in his apartment in Loznica BiH.

Summer in Montenegro was denied to members of so called Voždovac clan Vladan Kontić Konte and Mirko Vuković. They were denied at the border and returned to Serbian territory. The same treatment was given to Serbian national Filip Korać, one of the closest collaborators of Luka Bojović, who is currently held in prison in Spain.

“Slavko Dučić was also denied entrance, due to his ties to Šljakarski clan, and to extreme fan of Crvena zvezda Ivan Bogdanov, as well as Miroslav-Mirko Šijan, son of pop singer Goca Božinovska”, it was said in the Police.

Less crime, tourists and citizens safer

Crime Police sector believes that this type of prevention in the tourist season is working, and that safety situation is stable.

“The rate of blood crimes, thefts and alike has been down for 30%…”, our source said, reminding that not even a month ago, there was a mafia related murder in Bar. Bar citizen Božidar Tomašević (35) was brutally murdered in the center of the city, and the investigation leads to his ties internationally, where he spent last 12 years of his life. It can be said that the safe and stable situation in Montenegro is partly due to many criminals living abroad, while a significant number of them are in jail.

Some are banned, some are followed

Unofficially, crime police used denial of residence for persons who have been later identified as potential perpetrators in the investigational activities.

“We did not have knowledge on these individuals before, but a series of informational discussions was made, and some were banned from Montenegro, while some are being followed. These are a few tens of individuals from the region and some from Western Europe”, our source said.

Voždovac boys cannot go to the seaside

One of the main actors in the documentary “See you in the obituaries” is a member of Voždovac clan Vladan Kontić Konte. He was denied entrance to Montenegro one month ago, along with his cooperator Mirko Vuković.

Regional crime groups are interconnected, so Kontić has enemies in a few Montenegrin cities, who are followers of Luka Bojović. They have been in a feud for ten years.

Aside from two of them, one member of Voždovac clan was a target of Police as well. He is a Serbian national Miloš Nilović, originally from Nikšić, who was not listed at first. But, when he was registered and questioned in Budva, he was denied residence.

Executors of Andrija Mrdak were murdered

The list of unwanted individuals had the name of Čedo Đokić until recently, when he was murdered on August 1st on the balcony of his apartment in Zvornik, Republika Srpska. He was shot at from the road, and a burned car was found later, that was supposedly used in the murder.

There is no information that Đokić attempted to enter Montenegro. However, Crime Police followed his movements because he had close ties to Darko Nedeljković Geisler, charged with murder of Andrija Mrdak from Bar, that happened in front of ZIKS in 2014. Nedeljković is on Interpol’s wanted list.

Ban for bodyguard of Kotor’s Jovica Vukotić

Novi Sad citizen Slavenko Dučić who is sometimes a bodyguard of Jovica Vukotić from Kotor was also denied entrance. His reasons for entering were unknown. He is the brother of Goran Dučić who mysteriously died on one of the bars on Dunav. The circumstances of his death are unknown, aside from the fact that he received multiple hits to the head after which he fell into the river. His body was found three days later. Goran was also Vukotić’s bodyguard, as well as Goran Stančić from Novi Sad, who is now in ZIKS on charges of illegal weapon trading.

Šijan can not be in Budva, Bogdanov neither

Summer vacation on Montenegrin coast is denied for Miroslav-Mirko Šijan, son of late Serbian criminal Zoran Šijan and pop singer Goca Božinovska.

Šijan was denied at the border after he created an incident last summer along with Veljko Ražnatović, son of Ceca Ražnatović. After the incident in front of Trokadero, they were both denied entrance.

Infamous fan of Crvena zvezda Ivan Bogdanov was also denied entrance to Montenegro.

Leader of Bar, Budva and Škaljari clans banned

Although Montenegrin public does not know the name of Berane citizen Filip Korać, who is now a resident of Serbia living in Belgrade, he has a high place in the crime organization of Luka Bojović.

He recently attempted to enter Montenegro, but was denied at the border and has since been closely followed by the Police. Korać was able to earn Bojović’s trust in a short time, by handling important business in cocaine trading with Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark.

Unofficially, Korać was investigated in a few murder investigations, among which murder of Armin Muša Osmanagić.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro