These are the things stopping the development of Montenegrin film

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In Montenegro today, it is a great success to film a movie, and every accomplishment is an accident. In order to speak of national cinematography, we need to have institutional conditions, it was the conclusion of a panel discussion on “Montenegrin Film Today”, held last night in EU Info Center.

Within film festival Days of European Film, delegation of EU in Montenegro, with support from EU Info Center, organized last night projections of Montenegrin short films and panel discussion “Montenegrin Film Today”, with five young Montenegrin directors participating.

Three short movies of Montenegrin filmmakers of younger generations were shown: “Tranquility of Blood” by Senad Šahmanović, “All That” by Branislav Milatović, “Strawberries” by Jelena Lela Milošević, as well as new short film “As Trains Go By” by Aleksandar Vujović, and feature film “Needle Under Threshold” by Ivan Marinović. Authors also took part in the panel discussion.

„All these films and their success was a consequence of accidents, because we do not even have infrastructure. In order to move, you need to have a road first. Until we establish Film Center and film commission with people who will know to set criteria and follow them, until we have a fund for films, we cannot work and film. We are the only country in the region and Europe that does not have any of these things”, Aleksandar Vujović said.

In order to begin creating Montenegrin cinematography, we must have infrastructure first. When we define this, we will have more than 0,3 feature films a year, Vujović added.

Last year, new Law on cinematography was passed, and it entails establishing new state institution Film Center of Montenegro, film fund as well as encouragement measures for foreign producers who would film in Montenegro. Implementation of this legislation would enable Montenegro to join countries who systematically developm cinematography.

In the meantime, Montenegrin authors said that they are forced to deal with many issues in the realization of their personal projects.

Filmmaker Ivan Marinović recently showed his first feature film on prestigious Sarajevo Film Festival, and he said that the film was in the making for four years. Since he started promoting it internationally, he faced many prejudices as a representative of Montenegrin cinematography.

„What is worrisome is the lack of criteria and our society’s relationship towards film. Our public is inert, and so it happens that we are losing core values”, Marinović said.

Montenegrin authors said that they, as filmmakers and producers, have difficulties in finding the common ground, and so they lose space for cooperation with European colleagues. Filmmaker Jelena Milošević said that her film was shown on 14 international festivals, but she was not able to visit either of them, due to financial reasons.

Last year, Montenegro was accepted into EU’s program for film funding – MEDIA, which is yet another one of unused potentials. Still, Montenegro is the only one in the region that does not have access to very significant Council of Europe film fund – Eurimage.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro