These are the two conditions of Serbs from Kosovo to support demarcation with Montenegro

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Those familiar with the situation in Kosovo assessed that the Serbian minority in the Parliament was “responsible” for government’s withdrawal of the draft law on ratifying demarcation agreement with Montenegro from Parliament’s discussion. Pristina-based media reported that Serbian List had two conditions upon whose fulfilment it will support the draft law.

Kosovapress Agency reported that a day before the session of the Parliament, the head of the Serbian List caucus Slavko Simic sent a letter to Serbian MPs and members of the government, in which he asked them not to participate in the voting on ratification of the demarcation agreement between Kosovo and Montenegro.

Simic allegedly asked the government to fulfil its promises and provide setting up base stations of a Serbian mobile operator in 20 locations in Kosovo and to appoint a representative of Serbs as deputy head of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency.

According to Kosovapress, these two conditions represent a major challenge for the government in Pristina because of the risk that Serbian representatives cease participation in its work if the conditions are not met.

If the Kosovo side agreed to these conditions, then Serbian List MPs would support the demarcation agreement with Montenegro, the source of Kosovo news agency said.

Serbian List has 10 out of 120 MPs in the Kosovo Parliament. Two-thirds majority, ie 80 MPs, is necessary for the demarcation agreement to be supported.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro