These ladies want to lead: A woman is more courageous than any man!

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With the elections coming on October 16th, CdM turns eye to women’s role in these elections. We asked the ladies in election lists on their opinion on issues women and girls face today in Montenegro. For this article we talked to SDP candidate, Draginja Vuksanović.

Her statement to CdM is that women in Montenegro have courage, wisdom and determination.

“They know, they can and they do good for the society and community in general. There should be more awareness to the role of women in any area of life, politics as well, and realize that their role is not to fill a legislative quota only. Montenegrin society needs more women in decision-making positions. Women are in tune with the needs of society, and braver than any man. When making a decision, women consider family, children, the future, past foundations, they are able to build a future”, she says.

The balance of traditional and modern, she claims, is unique to women.

“Women need to be recognized and encouraged through different forms of employment. They need attainable ways to start their own business, and fight for significant positions in the political sphere”, she concludes.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro