These parties and coalitions are running in the upcoming elections in Montenegro

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As many as 17 parties and coalitions are running in the general elections scheduled for 16 October. The deadline for submitting candidates list expired at midnight. The State Election Commission should determine order of the lists at ballots.

The submitted lists are following (in alphabetical order):

Alternative Montenegro

Bosniak Democratic Union

Bosniak Party

The Democrats

The Democratic Party of Socialists

Democratic Front

Democratic Alliance of Albanians – a group of citizens

Croatian Civic Initiative

A Coalition with a Single Goal – Gzim Hajdinaga

Positive Montenegro

Social Democratic Party

The Social Democrats of Montenegro

Serb Party

The Party of Pensioners, People with Disabilities and Social Justice – Smajo Sabotic, PhD

The Party of Serbian Radicals

The Key coalition (SNP, Demos, URA)

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro