They are mnonitoring the situation, appeal on restraint

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EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn said that the EU is monitoring the situation in Montenegro and that Brussels calls on all parties to show restraint.

Hahn believes that the political situation in Montenegro is quite delicate because the opposition is boycotting the Parliament.

“Boycott is not a sustainable solution. I expect all political actors, from the governing coalition and the opposition, as well as civil society, to return to a constructive political discourse and to work together constructively. This dialogue is crucial for the country to continue the modernisation process and to move forward on its EU path. This is what we would expect from a negotiating country and this is what people would expect from their democratically elected leaders, “Han said in an interview with EurActiv.

He said he expected that all Montenegrin authorities show responsibility and transparently investigate what happened on election day, 16 October last year.

“We expect the relevant domestic authorities to swiftly and transparently investigate the events on the election day. Regarding the lifting of immunity of Members of Parliament, I cannot comment on ongoing legal procedures. I expect, however, that the principles of the rule of law will be fully respected. We are closely following the situation on the ground and I call on all sides to display restraint.,” Hahn said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro