They are seeking the exclusion of Mugosa’s judge

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The trial of the accused for planning terrorism on the day of the parliamentary elections was suspended after the defense requested exemption from the presiding judge of the High Court Suzana Mugosa. It was planned to be continued on September 27th.

Namely, the exemption of Judge Mugosa was requested because, according to the Defense attorneys, the bias of the president of the panel.

Lawyers said, among other things, that the President of the Chamber was preventing all that were interrogated so far to react on the words: NATO, Russians, Sindjelic, Serbs, Velimirovic, although these terms were mentioned hundreds of times.

One of the accused Andrija Mandic said that the Trial Chamber had so far proved that they are a good team with the prosecution.

“I am also requesting the exemption of the president of this court (Boris Savic) because I consider him too to be a part of this team. I want to point out that the Hague Tribunal, despite not being dear to us, acted in a completely different way and that it accepted both harsh words and insults without reaction , so I hope that the next panel will accept to be above this and will accept the right of the defense to act in a way it considers necessary to defend itself,” Mandic said.

Earlier today, Judge Mugosa’s panel rejected the proposal of one of the leaders of the DF and the Accused in the case of the “coup” Andrija Mandic to stop the trial because Slavko Nikic accused the chief prosecutor Milivoje Katnic in an interview with IN4S portal that he wanted to bribe him “through a certain Dragana with 100,000 euros”.

The panel also rejected Milan Knezevic’s motion for the dismissal of the indictment and the detention of Katnic and his deputy Sasa Cadjenovic. Mugosa said that Knezevic was moved away from the courtroom for insulting the court.

We remind that Mandic, stating that Katnic should be arrested, at the beginning of today’s trial said that the process should be interrupted until Nikicevic’s statements from the interview were questioned.

Katnic in response said that Mandic and Knezevic had a clear intention, saying that he had never had contacts with Slavko Nikic. He also said that he worked in accordance with the law.

The defendant Branka Milic, who yesterday announced that she is the innocent person who was in detention for 11 months, presented her defense today.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro