They justify the defeat by replacing thesis

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Opposition, as usual, tries to seek for a justification of new election defeat by replacing thesis and assuming the jurisdiction of Supreme and Special Prosecutor and giving themselves the right to qualify the crimes, for which the 20 citizens of Serbia were arrested, said the representative of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Predrag Sekulic.

According to him, although the leaders of the Police and the Suprem Prosecutor clearly said that foreign nationals were suspected of creating a criminal organization and terrorism in an attempt, the opposition keeps saying that it was a coup.

“The first to make such qualifications was leader of coalition Kljuc Miodrag Lekic, and

then the Democratic Front and the SDP repeated it, and were diligently followed by their media and some NGOs,” said Sekulic.

He added that no representative of the DPS has used the term “coup”, so, as he stated, it was quite clear that the opposition is trying to confuse the public, and to justify its defeat in the elections.

“None of our representatives in any way brought into connection suspected terrorist and official Serbia, on the contrary those constructions came from the opposition ranks. In addition, in the findings of the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office nothing points to the involvement of official Serbia. After yesterday’s statement by the Supreme Public Prosecutor and the decision to order the detention of suspects, it is clear that there is indisputable evidence, ” Sekulic said.

The leaders of the Democratic Front, he said, during their campaign announced the possibility of such developments.

“Montenegro has, once again showed that it is stable and safe country of strong institutions that are able to professionally and timely react and preserve the safety of all citizens,” concluded Sekulic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro