They wanted to cause chaos in Montenegro

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President Filip Vujanovic said that there was a high risk of endangering the stability of Montenegro and it was obvious that there was a desire to turn Montenegro into a chaotic and anarchic society, with the help of a terrorist group whose members were arrested on the eve of the election.

If their intention was not hampered, he said, it would be the darkest time for Montenegro in the last 70 years.

”There was a high risk of endangering the stability of Montenegro. It is obvious that, with the help of the group, Montenegro was supposed to be turned into one anarchic and chaotic society that would, with many victims, be marked as the area on the map of Europe which is chaotic, anarchic and unstable and that would be treated as such by the European community”, Vujanovic said in a statement to the Public Service.

He added that he agreed with the assessment of Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic that, if the attack took place, our country would be shrouded in black.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro