This campaign one of the most expensive in Montenegro

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The campaign for the parliamentary elections is one of the most expensive we have seen in Montenegro. Apart from funds that parties received from the budget, for financing this campaign, three times more money from private sources than for the elections in 2012 were collected, according to the Center for Democratic Transition (CDT).

President of CDT, Milica Kovacevic says it is obvious that parties does not save money even for the advertisements on television and in the print media, which is almost three times more than before four years.

“CDT monitors the funding of electoral campaigns of political entities.We have conducted the monitoring of paid advertising on commercial television and in the print media in cooperation with Archimedes media company, ” Kovacevic said.

By monitoring media CDT found that the parties spent about a million and a half euros until 12 October only on advertising on commercial television and print media.

“Advertising in these media is only part of the cost of the election campaign. In addition to advertising in traditional media, in this campaign were highly expressed the advertising on internet portals, social networks, YouTube and Google “Kovacevic concluded.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro