This is the list of opposition representatives who will enter the government, state-owned companies, funds…

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The Montenegrin government is to discuss the candidates for deputy ministers, state administration, funds and majority state-owned companies on Thursday. The Social Democratic Party SDP, Demos and the URA Civic Movement submitted the list of the candidates to Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

Opposition ministers in the government of electoral trusts are Goran Danilovic (Demos), Rasko Konjevic (SDP), and non-party figures Boris Maric and Milenko Popovic.

Upon the proposal of the troika (URA, Demos and SDP), Milorad Vujovic has been appointed deputy prime minister.

Azra Jasavic (the Positive Montenegro – PCG) will also be appointed deputy prime minister.

According to the agreement on free and fair elections, the opposition representatives will be appointed as directors and assistant directors in 16 state institutions. They will also receive numerous posts in the executive branch.

The opposition will also receive posts of seven directors and nine director assistants in public companies and six places in steering committees of majority state-owned companies. They are supposed to control the use of state resources during the election period.

Rade Milosevic (URA) will be appointed director of Employment Agency, whereas Zeljko Rolovic (Demos) will be appointed director of Labour Fund.

Ivan Asanin (URA) is to be the head of the Transport Directorate, whereas Mirsad Nurkovic (SDP) will be the head of the Real Estate Administration.

A new head of the Directorate for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises will be Svetozar Domazetovic (SDP).

Director of the Institute for Social and Child Protection will be Neda Bogavac (Demos), whereas the director of the Health Fund will be Adis Balota (SDP).

Demos representatives Radinko Kostic and Ratko Tadic will be appointed assistant directors of the Public Work Directorate and Pension and Disability Insurance Fund (PIO).

SDP representatives Filip Milos, Bane Veljkovic and Marko Kastratovic will be appointed assistant directors of Investment and Development Fund (IRF), the Forest Administration and Institute for the Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions (ZIKS).

URA representatives Radivoje Merdovic, Mileta Radovanic and Ilir Harasani will be appointed deputy directors of the Tax Administration, the Customs Administration and the Inspection Directorate.

Marija Tomasevic (Demos) is a candidate for director assistant of the Agency for Electronic Media, whereas Gojko Pejovic (SDP) is a candidate for the inspector general of the National Security Agency (ANB).

The opposition also proposed candidates to enter boards of directors of majority state-owned companies: Dejan Mijovic (URA) for the Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG), Dragan Simrak (SDP) for the Airports of Montenegro, Marko Backovic (URA) for Montenegro Airlines, Mirel Radic-Ljubisavljevic (SDP) for Monteput, Snjezana Pavicevic (Demos) for the Montenegrin Post and Tina Raicevic (Demos) for Plantaze 13 Jul.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro