Those who insulted us should be punished

Metropolitan of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church (MOC) Mihailo said he would come to trial in misdemeanor proceedings initiated against him for hitting an old woman in Kotor, noting that he is not the only one who should suit but also those who insulted and provoked members of the MOC.

MOC Metropolitan reiterated that he did not hit the old woman.

“I will come to the trial and I will express my views. The old woman could be punished too because she was paid to spit on people and me. Believe me, I do not remember what she looked like, but I know that I did not hit her.” Mihailo said to Portal Analytics.

Asked whether anyone else should been punished for events in Kotor, MOC Metropolitan said:

“SOC was preparing people to make what they made, when they provoked and insulted us. They should be punished, ” Mihailo said .

Asked whether he expected to be some pressures during the proceedings against him, Metropolitan Mihailo responded that “the MOC is under pressure from the Serbian Orthodox Church for 100 years.”

Izvor: RTV Montenegro