Threats against Albanian MPs in the DPS

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Podgorica Police Department is currently investigating who might be behind the threats, insults and calls for lynching posted against deputies of the Democratic Party of Socialists Nikola Gegaj, Halil Duković and Luidj Skrelja on a Facebook page called “Tuz Malesia”, which is supposedly close to a part of the Albanian diaspora.

Three ethnic Albanians from DPS became targets of violent insults and death threats because they did not vote for the amendments to the Law on Territorial Organization, which could open the possibility that Tuzi gets a full municipality status.

The visitor of Tuz Malesia FB page, who posted under the name of Leon Dushaj, published an obituary in the Albanian language stating that Gegaj, Duković and Shkrelja “tragically died and that their memorial service will be held in the Podgorica cemetery, Čepurci, and celebration of their death marked with a big concert in the center of Tuzi”.

The same Facebook page features a photos of the three MPs, whose description says they are traitors to the Albanian nation and that they should be killed. This content was accompanied by a number of comments in which they and their families are seriously insulted and threatened with lynching.

Gegaj, Duković and Škrelja, according to Pobjeda daily, still haven’t filed criminal complaints, but the police, ex officio and at the behest of prosecutors in Podgorica, launched a procedure to determine who moderates the “Malesia Tuz” page.

This case was met with sharp condemnation of parts of the political community and the ombudsman for human rights.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro