Three windmills set on Krnovo

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Twelve windmills were brought to Krnovo, three of which were set, it was said in the Ministry of Economy.

Ministry spoke to MINA Business Agency and said that the construction of windmills is going according to plan.

“The equipment has been brought to Montenegro and transport, montage and setting of the windmills is under way”, they said in the Ministry.

THey reminded that the investor is contractually obliged to finish the work by May 7th of the next year, so the windmills can start working and be introduced to electro-energetic system.

The contract on land leasing and construction of windmills on Krnovo was signed with French-Austrian consortium Akuo Energy SAS – Ivicom Consulting.

“The contract was signed in 2010 and it gives the land for a period of 20 years, with a possibility to prolong for 5 years for construction of windmills of force of 72 MW“, they said in the Ministry.

It is a project in energetics that entails construction of 30 wind generators, two stations, power lines, and maintenance building on Krnovo. The contract is signed between Montenegrin Government and EBRD.

The value of the project is 120 million EUR, and the construction started in May last year. It will produce 200 – 230 GWh a year.

Windmills will be set at a height of 1,5 thousand meters were average speed of the wind is 5,5 to 6,5 meters per second.

This project will contribute to accomplishing national goal of having 33% of sustainable resources in energy.

Windmills on Krnovo are a first large investment in terms of electrical energy in Montenegro since 1980.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro