Through tunnel Mekavac until the end of May


Director of the Transport Directorate Savo Paraca said that the works on the tunnel Mekavac be fully finished by the end of May.

Paraca said the tunnel will be done according to standards and, in the final phase of reconstruction, it will be fully illuminated. It is, he says, the first tunnel with three lanes in Montenegro.

“This will be the first tunnel with three lanes. The tunnel was in poor condition, with constant danger of collapsing. It will be done by all standards, and, in the final phase, it will be illuminated. The works will be finished as scheduled by the beginning of tourist season. We will have tunnel finished by the end of May “, said Paraca to radio Montenegro, pointing out that the works are even ahead of the planned dynamics.

He explained that the tunnel demands “a lot of hard work”, and that they expected the help of traffic participants hoping they would respect traffic signals at the entrance or exit of the tunnel.

Paraca says that the chaos was evident the first day after opening the alternating passing lane.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro