Tivat: DPS announced boycott, HGI resignations

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Parallel with the campaign for local elections in Tivat that will be held on April 17th, the smallest municipality in Boka is seeing a schism in the leading coalition of DPS and SDP. This has taken tool on the work of the local parliament. After two unsuccessful sessions, third continuation of Tivat Assembly is announced for Monday. The question remains whether there will be quorum, because DPS announce boycott, and HGI resignations.

Three day long is the questioning in sessions of local parliament on one side, and rejection on the other side. Although 17 representatives, without DPS and HGI, would be enough for quorum, president of Tivat Assembly announced the third continuation of the session for Monday.

Materials need to be considered first by three of parliament’s committees. Important issues for city’s functioning are planned to be discussed, as well as a report on the work of Municipality’s President, that is questioned by the opposition, so much so that a part of it asked for his resignation.

“If we should find ourselves in a position where our main issues in the daily schedule is to pass the report for the President or to question confidence to the President, I do not think we will be certain and able to reach a decision”, said for RTCG President of Municipality’s Assembly of Tivat, Krsto Bošković, who is also a leader of SDP in this Municipality.

Until recently, DPS and SDP were in a leading coalition. If it comes to voting confidence to the President of Municipality, Bošković expects to see a concrete discussion.

“SDP considers DPS to be a partner. Aside from that, we expect to see a concrete discussion”, Bošković underlined.

President of Tivat Municipality Ivan Novosel, or representatives of his party DPS, will certainly not participate in such a discussion.

“It is a fact that we are 15 days away from elections and it is pointless to change the President now, whether it is Ivan Novosel or someone else. To my knowledge, some other sessions need to be scheduled”, Novosel said.

President of the Municipality shares the fate of the Parliament. As the mandate of this Assembly runs out, so will his.

Whether this will happen before the elections, remains to be seen. President of the Municipality’s Committee of Democrats in Tivat Vladimir Arsić explains this initiative.

“Of course there is point in replacing Novesel, because whether the elections will happen is under question. We will see what is going on with voters’ lists. It started badly and irregularly, everything”, Arsić said.

Still, 12 election lists are already in the running. DPS refuses to participate in the parliament’s work.

“It is not appropriate for the Assembly to be in session one or two months before the elections. The Assembly should not be the ground for political activities of that sort, or gaining political points with citizens”, Siniša Kusovac, President of DPS’s Municipality Committee said.

ICDU gave a representative for the quorum, but they said they will no longer participate either. HGI, accused by the opposition to have formed an anti-Tivat coalition with DPS, is clear.

“HGI’s representatives will probably resign and open space for a new calling of the Assembly to be legitimate and normal, whatever the results of elections”, Ilija Janović, President of HGI’s Municipality Committee said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro