Tivat: Electronic identification trainings started

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This morning, a training for using devices for electronic identification of voters has begun in Tivat. This is an obligation due to approaching local elections on April 17th.

The training was organized by Municipality’s Electoral Commission in cooperation with National Electoral Commission. The training was taken by presidents and vice presidents of electoral boards for all 19 electoral spots in Tivat first, and then by members and replacements of electoral boards.

For members and replacements of electoral boards of electoral spot 11 to 19, the training is scheduled for tomorrow at 10h in the multimedia hall in the Municipality.

Considering that confirmed electoral list still have not chosen their representatives, their trainings will be done on Monday or Tuesday April 11th or 12th, RTCG learns.

In these demonstrations, no devices out of 19 meant for elections were used. They arrived yesterday and are safely stored with other electoral material until presidents of electoral boards take them.

11.078 citizens of Tivat have a right to vote, and they will be able to do so in 21 electoral spots, it was said in the Ministry of Internal Affairs MUP.

Voters list for local elections in Tivat was finished on Wednesday, and 11.078 reports on voters were submitted to the Post of Montenegro on Thursday. 21 device and 42 excerpt from the voters list were submitted to the National Electoral Commission.

The voters will be able to vote in 19 electoral spots in Tivat and two special ones in the Institute for Execution of Criminal Sanctions, it was said in the press conference. The number of voters decreased for 35 in relation to the day elections were announced.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro