Tivat: food poisoning

129 students taking part in the so called ‘’Masinijada’’ requested medical help in Tivat Health Center.

The students staying in hotel Kamelia in Donja Lastva had symptoms of food poisoning and complained of high fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, reports Radio Tivat.

HealthCenter Director Snezana Matijevic said that the first patients were admitted yesterday around 10 am and the last at midnight.

“Patients have received adequate therapy and they are feeling better now. We treated all those who needed medical help by engaging almost all doctors and medical staff who have worked overtime and provided help to patients”, Matijevic added.

Institute of Public Health in Podgorica was informed about poisoning. They should send the team that will take samples and try to determine the cause of poisoning.

The cause of poisoning is still uncertain. Whether they were poisoned in ‘’Kamellia”, where students are staying, or in one of the restaurants where many of them, as they themselves stated, ate barbecue, will be determined by the analysis of sampled food.a

Izvor: RTV Montenegro