Tivat – the best proof of the country’s development

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Tivat is the best proof of the development of Montenegrin state, said the leader of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Milo Djukanovic at the final convention of his party ahead of local elections.

Djukanovic said that elections in Tivat are beyond local significance because they indicate the importance of some decisions “we will have to make until the end of this year, and which will lead to faster economic development’’.

“This is the first major political event in 2016, the year in which we celebrate ten years of independence. This year reminds us that we should make smart decisions for all of us and I have no doubt with a smart decision in Tivat we will pave the way to the smart decision for Montenegro”, he said.

Djukanovic said that everyone should be happy because of the way the decade after the restoration of Montenegro’s independence was used.

“Only ten years ago Montenegro was described as the least developed country of the former Yugoslavia. Today, it is the most developed economy of the Western Balkans. Montenegro leads in front of all the countries wishing to join the European Union”, said the leader of DPS.

In addition, Djukanovic said, the state came to the door of NATO in only 10 years.

“Montenegro wants to secure the 29th seat in the Alliance for itself, so that no one could ever again decide about us without us, as it was in 1999”, he added.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro