To examine allegations against Konjevic

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Special Public Prosecutor’s Office formed the case on the subject of allegations made by the DF deputy Milan Knezevic against the current Finance Minister Rasko Konjevic on the employment along party lines.

“Special Public Prosecutor’s Office has established a case. The case is in the investigation stage,” said in a statement from the prosecution, Pobjeda reports.

Kneževic accused Konjevic in the Parliament that while he was at the head of the Ministry of Interior, from December 2012 until 18 February 2016, “he employed about 400 people in the police, mostly members of the SDP”.

DF deputy also claims that Konjevic on February 18, “a few hours before the Parliament noted the termination of its mandate, signed 53 decisions on full-time employment and 25 decisions for trainees.”

At the session of Parliament Kneževic read the initials of persons who were allegedly employed by Konjevic on the day when he left the post of Minister of Internal Affairs.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro