To examine the release of 30 soldiers

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The Trade Union of the Army of Montenegro (SOVCG) addressed the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic and Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic because of the termination of the service for 30 soldiers under the contract in the Army of Montenegro.

We remind that SOVCG president Nenad Cobeljic announced yesterday that a professional army service for 30 soldiers was terminated by contract, and that these were mainly young people who started the service ten months ago.

Cobeljic urges Vujanovic to take all measures to prevent “an act of violence and illegal treatment of soldiers of the Montenegrin Army (VCG)”, whose service in the Army of Montenegro, according to the president of the SOVCG, “was terminated for no apparent rerason”.

“It is about 30 soldiers whose professional military service was terminated even though their superior elders considered that the contracts on professional military service in the Army of Montenegro should be extended to these soldiers,” it was stated in Cobeljic’s letter to Vujanovic.

Cobeljic states that the termination of the service to the mentioned soldiers is a “terrorist act”, which is why the SOVCG calls on Vujanovic and Stankovic to urgently examine the case, and for representatives of the Trade Union of the Defense and the Army of Montenegro to be included in the process.

Cobeljic said in a letter to the VDT Stankovic that it is a matter of ‘’a drastic abuse of office which as a consequence has significant violation of the combat readiness and morale of the Army of Montenegro”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro