To keep lines, if MA is sold

If there is privatization of Montenegro Airlines, the interest of Montenegro must be preserved as well, ie direct links with several key capitals Vienna, Rome, London, Moscow, Paris, Frankfurt, said the President of the Tender Commission Branko Vujovic.

In an interview with daily ”Pobjeda” Vujević said that the tender would be issued, if there is a serious interest in the privatization of the national air carrier.

“We have to provide a direct line from Podgorica to this metropolis. We will not challenge the need for economy and combination of flights between Podgorica and Belgrade, or other destination, but through preparation of tender documents we must have in mind the need of Montenegro”, Vujovic said.

He stressed that the company has large commitments that are not easily resolved. As he said, Montenegro Airlines is specific and complex case in terms of privatization.

“We have had over the last two to three years some announcements, but interest was not such that it would announce the tender. Depending on future interest we will choose the tender announcement. It is clear that we need to work carefully, because this company has a special significance. It is not easy to find an investor who will recognize the economic interest in this market if it is not connected with others in the environment. It is an open question how quickly we would find an investor”, Vujovic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro