To NATO for a faster solution for Prevlaka

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When they get together in NATO, Montenegro and Croatia will solve the problem o Prevlaka far easier and faster, said professor of international relations Radovan Vukadinovic in the show “The challenge” on Television of Montenegro.

Signing of the accession protocol, which Montenegro should sign with the Alliance in exactly a month, during a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels, is placing the point on the letter “I”, said Vukadinovic.

“It’s a reward for all that has been done in Montenegro, both militarily and politically”, said Vukadinovic.

After signing the protocol there will be ratification in the Parliaments of the Member States. Vukadinovic believes that this process will take about a year and that the neighboring NATO member states will be first to do so.

“If Croatia wants to prove to be a good neighbor it could soon make that first step, together with Slovenia, which supports Montenegro on its path towards NATO from the beginning. There is also Hungary there, so I think that several countries, like I said, could soon approach ratification”, said Vukadinovic.

Vukadinovic believes that there is no great purpose to organize the referendum if ratification can be achieved in the Parliament of Montenegro.

It would be superfluous, says Vukadinovic. “Clear political commitment, the maturation of public opinion on the need for entering the Alliance influenced the growing trend of support to Montenegro’s membership in NATO”, said Vukadinovic, adding that in the case of a referendum the majority would be in favor of Montenegro joining NATO.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro