To retain majority ownership in EPCG

There is a political agreement and a clear strategic vision in the government to maintain a majority stake in Electric Power Company (EPCG), said Deputy Prime Minister Vujica Lazovic, adding that it is good that there is investor interest for the national electric power company.

Commenting on the information about the interest of regional companies for EPCG, Lazovic said that it is good that there is interest in the company because that shows that the EPCG is stable and successful company.

The power companies from the Croatian and Serbia have shown interest in acquiring the EPCG, which ownership is divided between the state, which has a 57.02 percent stake and a strategic partner, Italian company A2A, which has 41.75 percent.

Lazovic said that the Government’s former partner, Italian company A2A, can negotiate with other interested investors, but in the final for the sale of those shares should seek their consent.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro