To thank the tired in DPS

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DPS leader Milo Djukanovic requested form the DPS Podgorica committee to intensify field work ahead of local elections in the city, which will be held on spring 2018, Pobjeda learns.

Djukanovic said this at a meeting held on his initiative in Podgorica on Friday, attended by the presidents of all 28 coordination bodies of party infrastructure in the capital.

The heads of the coordination bodies in Podgorica are top party champions, including ministers in Prime Minister Dusko Markovic’s government.

“Djukanovic was clear – DPS in the City of Podgorica is supposed to start preparing for local elections much earlier and to improve its field work,” Pobjeda’s source who attended the meeting said.

As the reasons for earlier preparations for the elections and intensifying field work Djukanovic stated the opponents’ activities as well as the fact that DPS was lagging behind opposition if one has in mind last general elections.

“The party estimates that DPS currently lacks 5,000-7,000 votes compared to the total of opposition votes,” the source said.

According to the sources of the newspaper, Djukanovic announced changes and directly asked the party’s champions for procedures for rejuvenation of the Podgorica DPS committee, the key bearer in the preparation of local elections.

“The capital’s committee needs to be rejuvenated and attract as many young people as possible. Only in this way can we be competitive and refresh our political offer, Djukanovic was explicit,” Pobjeda sources say.

According to the Pobjeda’s source, the DPS president additionally reinforced this position with a firm belief that “tired of the DPS should be thanked”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro