To wait for official notification on resolution

Montenegro respect the neighbors and everything that is defined by treaties and agreements with them, said Interior Minister Rasko Konjevic.

Asked to comment on the decision of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina which did not accept the resolution on Sutorina, Konjevic said that we should wait for the official decision in the usual communication between the two countries, i.e. through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to him, Montenegro respects regional cooperation, respects the neighbors and will respect all that is defined by treaties and agreements with its neighbors.

“Competent committees of the two countries ended the issue of demarcation last year without any problems and opened internal procedures. Montenegro ended the procedures at the end of last year ended and authorized the competent minister to sign the agreement on behalf of the state”, said Konjevic.

Asked by reporters whether media statements that drugs from Italy were available on the Montenegrin market were correct, Konjevic said that the investigations can not be conducted in the media.

“The media writes something every day, and if we start responding to their every statement on matters that are responsibility of the law enforcement authorities, those would not be the investigations that are under the Code of Criminal Procedure, but public investigations”, said Konjevic.

According to him, competent authorities have legal authorizations and the media will be informed if necessary.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro