To withdraw the Law urgently

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About a hundred women who protest for cuts in state aid for mothers of three or more children, spent the night in front of the Parliament.

Municipal police has removed their tents this morning.

A representative of women, Zeljka Savkovic, said that none of the authorities has addressed to them.

“We gave them a chance which they did not use. We give no more chances. We demand the law is withdrawn immediately. Mother will be coming over here, “she said.

Financial help for some 21,500 women has been slashed by twenty-five percent amid efforts to tighten public spending. About half of the women on the list are jobless.

The protesters argued the state should save money elsewhere before reducing aid for mothers.

Protest is approved until March 7, but women have submitted an application for extension of the license.

Mothers have announced that they will not disperse until their demands are met.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro