Today SDP decides on participating in the government and how to run in the upcoming elections

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The main decision-making body of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) will decide today on further participation in the government after, as the party put it, violation of the agreement on free and fair elections by the Democratic Party of Socialist (DPS). SDP Main Board will also decide on how to run in the upcoming general elections.

As SDP stated, it held consultations within the party membership on the ground related to those issues, Dnevne Novine newspaper carried.

The party had earlier stated that the consultation with civil society, other relevant entities and individuals were an important element of the decision to join the interim government and that they want to hear their positions, as well as the views of controllers hired on the basis of the agreement on free and fair elections before making final decision.

“Given the delicate political moment, caused by DPS’s destruction which brought into question the free and fair elections, SDP wants to make a decision on the interim government through a process of wide consultation, which will be in the national interest”, it was said in the statement.

In early August, URA Civic Movement decided to leave the government of electoral trust, as the party put it, because of a drastic violation of the agreement on free and fair elections.

On 14 August, Demos decided to remain in the government, in order, as stated, to contribute to preventing all forms of malpractice in the election process.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro