Todorovic: Worse Decide Upon Better

Election of new members of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (CANU), is nothing but the final act of insult and humiliation attempts of members of Duklja Academy, said Rajko Todorovic, a member of Duklja Academy of Sciences and Arts(DANU).

Department of CANU will discuss today a candidacy of writers Jevrem Brkovic, Momir Markovic M., Pavle Goranovic, Gojko Celebic and sculptor Zlatko Glamocak for election to the position of extraordinary members of CANU.

Todorovic said that it all began with tragicomic Law on Unification of the two academies.

“Consciously adopted in order not to be applied, it only served as a good scenario for individually and collectively insulting of DANU members. Nowhere in the world here is such law that allows worse to decide on better.’’

In a joint statement of Vice President and Secretary General of the DANU, Mladen Lompar and Blagota Mitric, it is stated that DANU will continue thanks to force of its members, because, as they say, the organization is not for filling the emptiness of CANU.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro