Tombstones to get on UNESCO list of world heritage!

#Stećci #Unesco


Committee for world heritage UNESCO that is working out of Istanbul from 10th to 20th July, reached a decision today to include tombstones from Middle Ages on the list of UNESCO world heritage.

These tombstones are characteristic for the area of BiH, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, and the nomination is of four countries that have been successfully cooperating since 2009.

Status of world heritage was given to 28 places in on the territory of 4 states, from which 3 localities with tombstones in Montenegro.

Greek cemetery in Plužine, Bare Žugica and Greek cemetery in Žabljak have UNESCO status of world heritage starting today.

“Montenegro has achieved international recognizability and UNESCO status for yet another locality, aside from Kotor and Durmitor National Park”, they said in the Ministry of Culture.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro