Tomorrow is the D-day in negotiations with A2A

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Deputy prime minister Vujica Lazovic and economy minister Vladimir Kavaric will talk to the president of A2A board of directors Giovanni Valotti and the CEO of the Italian company Luca Camerano tomorrow, Radio Antena M learns.

According to Antena M, it will be the day of the final decision on the future of relations between A2A and the Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG).

Montenegrin side will not waive their demand that the Italian company should support the construction of the Thermal Power Plant (TE) Pljevlja second block and that EPCG should provide guarantees for the project.

In the case that Italians are against this plan, the construction will begin because the Montenegrin side has the majority in EPCG board of directors.

Another condition for the agreement is that both sides should waive the right to arbitration, which was acquired by the old contract.

Finally, the output clause should also be defined tomorrow. It has already been known that it was practically agreed that A2A would receive about €250m in seven annual instalments in case of leaving EPCG.

Montenegrin side is optimistic about tomorrow’s meeting with Valotti and Camerano.

The conference call is scheduled for early afternoon.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro