Transfer of knowledge to MNE scientists

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Prime Minister Duško Markovic signed in Geneva a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Montenegro and CERN, which made our country a full member of the CMS Experiment (The Compact Muon Solenoid).

The Prime Minister points out that this is an important day for Montenegro, because the signing of the Memorandum creates the assumptions that “we use all the scientific potentials and knowledge of scientists around the world in order to empower our researchers and contribute to the Montenegrin science and physics development.”
“Using the potential of CERN, I believe that we can benefit greatly and have new opportunities for Montenegro. This is a great day for us, I believe this will be the beginning that will mean the transfer of knowledge to Montenegrin scientists and the scientific community and Montenegro and its economy will benefit from that.’’
Markovic says that it is a privilege and honor that Montenegrin scientists and Montenegro can contribute, in their own way, to the development of science in Europe and around the world.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro