Troika recruits DF for in-depth functions

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Twenty local officials of the Democratic Front (DF) from cities of the north of Montenegro received the offer to perform functions in the governing boards of public companies on behalf of the SDP – Demos – URA troika, learns Pobjeda daily.

Pobjeda learns from multiple sources within the DF that offers went to local officials from Pljevlja, Berane, Bijelo Polje and other towns, who would, in the name of the troika, control the use of state resources in local public companies.

The Agreement

The Agreement on free and fair elections provided for the participation of the opposition in the management of public companies in the country’s municipalities. The government has appointed a total of 43 officials in depth and is yet to appoint another hundred. Daily’s sources say such offers have been registered in other municipalities as well, but they haven’t been as concrete as in towns in northern Montenegro.

The expertise of troika’s staff has recently been challenged by DF deputies Milan Knezevic and Slaven Radunovic who, in separate statements, both at the Assembly and in public appearances, openly accused the trio for a coalition with the DPS, making a connection with the offers they made to their local officials.

The Invitations

“We now have representatives of the former opposition troika, led by Miodrag Lekic, Zarko Rakčević and Ranko Krivokapic, contacting people, offering them to enter the government and other official positions in the government. In return, they are required to engage in partisan activities of Demos, URA and SDP. I personally, as an MP, received several calls by a number of citizens, who reported that they were approached in the last few days by the representatives of the former opposition troika, with this offer”, said Vladislav Bojovic, member of the Presidency of the Democratic People’s Party (DNP) and deputy with the DF.

According to him, this is yet another in a series of examples that speak of complete powerlessness, stunning irresponsibility, lack of capacity and total lack of preparedness of three former opposition entities, who obviously just want to enter the government and office of Milo Djukanovic, as soon as possible, and in the hopes that they will stay there.

“This is also about the abuse of the difficult economic situation of a large number of citizens, which are given such offers, with all the elements of political corruption, party hiring and buying of votes through the abuse of state resources. Their impotence is also evident in the fact that leaders of the former opposition troika are selecting for new officials of government those people who are already deputies, thus deliberately pushing them into a conflict of interest”, explained Bojovic, adding that all deadlines for in-depth appointments have been breached, since it has been over a month since the formation of the new government. The deadline was 15 days.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro