“Troika” showed lack of seriousness

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The opposition troika showed that it is politically irresponsible and inadequate for serious government job and that it entered the Government in order to paralyze its work and not to improve it, Social Democrats of Montenegro assessed.

“The opposition troika’s lack of concrete results of its representatives in the Government, but also the inability to agree among themselves whether to stay or leave the government, demonstrated a remarkable level of political irresponsibility and the serious inadequacy for a government job,” said a member of the Presidency of the Social Democrats Djordje Suhih.

According to him, since it is a heterogeneous structure that has no programme nor any other similarities between them, it is no wonder they can not even agree on the issue of withdrawing from the government.

“It is not easy to have common positions when your only unifying factor is the desire for the dismissal of the current government, and nothing else,” said Suhih to agency Mina.

Unfortunately, he added, it turned out what the Social Democrats have long noticed – that the so-called troika has not entered the Government to improve, but to obstruct and paralyze its work.

“But as a political tactic of obstruction was badly received by the public, when faced with a significant drop of its rating in the public, they were forced to find any realistic excuse for leaving the government, believing that it will restore the lost credibility among citizens,” said Suhih.

When they, he said, tried to blackmail them with the contract with A2A, they made it clear that 1,200 existing and hundreds of new jobs that were provided by the contract were more important to Social Democrats then whether the troika will remain in the Government.

“We did not want to give up on the II block of the thermal power plant in Pljevlja, energy independence, secure provision of electricity to our citizens and the district heating for Pljevlja because of political blackmail from these opposition entities. We are convinced that the time will tell we were right. And also the citizens on October 16,” said Suhih.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro